Business Process Re-engineering


This market sector has been the foundation of RONIN IT Services’ growth and success since its inception in 2005. RONIN IT Services has broad appeal which is due to our ability to provide turnkey solutions encompassing process assessments, process mapping, auditing process based systems and problem solving.

Concepts We Consider When Planning And Executing A BPR Effort

  • Minimize ‘as-is’ business process analysis
  • Streamline business operations and leverage the capabilities of the software meaning let
  • the process inherent in the software package drive the ‘To-be’ process
  • Minimize the number of custom development objects
  • Zero in on the ‘real’ business requirements and challenge processes that merely
  • accommodate ‘the way it has always been done’
  • Reduce cost of doing business by eliminating:
    • Obsolete and inefficient processes
    • Obsolete regulations and controls
    • Lengthy review and approval cycles
    • Ensure business processes are integrated across all impacted functional areas
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