Journeyman Intelligence Analyst

Specialized experience shall include the ability to generate intelligence from data and information derived from multiple all source intelligence disciplines, to include HUMINT (human intelligence), SIGINT (signals intelligence), COMINT (communications intelligence), IMINT (imagery intelligence), MASINT (measurement and signature intelligence), OSINT (open source intelligence), targeting analysis, and collection management. Senior intelligence analysts shall have experience with specific networks (i.e. JWICS, SIPR, NIPR) to identify vulnerabilities.

Candidates who possess Service Operational experience or Service Combat Arms, will have the following in their background.   

  • United States Army – 11 series (infantry), 12 series (combat engineer), 13 series (field artillery), 14 series (air Defense artillery), 15 series (aviation), 18 series (special forces), and 19 series (armor / armored cavalry)
  • United States Marine Corps – 03 series (infantry), 08 series (field artillery), 13 series (combat engineer), 18 series (armor), 73 series (naval flight officer), and 75 series (pilot)
  • United States Air Force – 11 series (aviators), 12 series (aviation navigators), 13D (combat rescue officer), 13N (nuclear missiles operations), and 1C2X1 (combat controllers)
  • United States Navy – 111X series (surface warfare), 112X series (sub-surface warfare), 113X series (naval special warfare), 114X series (explosive ordnance disposal), 131X series (pilot), and 132X series (naval flight officer)

All Source Intelligence Analysis: 

• IMINT (imagery analysis) 

• SIGINT (signals intelligence) o ELINT (electronic intelligence)

 o FISINT (foreign instrumentation signals intelligence)

 o COMINT (communications intelligence) 

• MASINT (measurement and signature intelligence) 

• OSINT (open source intelligence)

Specifically, the candidate must have 5 years of progressive experience supporting and developing large, major, and complex classified procurement requirements, and maintain a Top Secret level clearance, with the ability to obtain and maintain Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access with Counterintelligence Polygraph.  

Required Skills 

  • The candidate will assist in researching relevant sources for information on foreign intelligence targets. 
  • The candidate will develop query strategies to obtain relevant research information. 
  • The candidate will analyze foreign threat intelligence.
  • The candidate will assess validity and relevance of foreign intelligence. 
  • The candidate will profile foreign targets and their activities. 
  • The candidate will produce intelligence briefings that address customer information needs. 
  • The candidate will perform target discovery by developing strategies to obtain new information and sources for intelligence. 
  • The candidate will monitor target data for changes or anomalies. 
  • The candidate will navigate common Intelligence Community analytic tools and databases.
Job Type: Full Time

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