Business Program and Project Management

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·      Develop senior level status and program briefings for customers and other   stakeholders.

·  Help establish and maintain enterprise level technical and multi-year strategic road maps

·  Develop and maintain organizational  governance procedures

·  Customer relationship management for Fee For Service (FFS)coordination of the dozens of OtherGovernment Agencies (OGA’s) from whom the sponsor manages and collects funds for various programs. This includes, yet not limited to capturing and tracking both plan and actual Operating Expense (OPEX) and Capital Expense (CAPEX) expenditures across the full program lifecycle of the products and services ECG is ask to initiate and sustain.

·  Translate technical subject matter and leadership information into presentations for all audiences. Coordinate and develop placemats, briefing slides and collection from interviewing Subject Matter Experts (SME) on each   process step owner and understanding the current state input and output criteria of process tools used by each process step stakeholder, both in business and financial.

·  Develop and maintain supporting  documentation (ex.Senior level PowerPoint briefings, workflow   diagrams, metrics charts, Excel  spreadsheets, etc.), when requested.

·  Lead projects and implement project tracking mechanisms to be able to provide timely and concise updates on project progress to Staff Leadership, highlighting areas of risk and capturing key decisions.

·  Function as a coordinating focal point in the collection and assembly of all Group Action Item responses to include review, stakeholder notification, collection, integration and submission of responses

·  Provide meeting facilitation, including  development of meeting agendas and minutes.

·  Develop strategies, strategy maps, and road maps in business and financial plans.

Job Type: Full Time

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